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General Features:
Ideal mixture partner for better wear, disease and stress tolerance.
Superior results in dry conditions.
Fast establishment
Ideal to mix with Turf Rye or Turf Type Tall Fescue.
Ideal when establishing new turf areas.
Germination at 4 degrees C.

Superior seedling and mature plant salt tolerance.
Excellent wear tolerance especially in mixes.
Superior drought tolerance and recovery.
Early spring green-up.
Early turf quality.
Very high resistance to Rusts, Fusarium and Drechslera.
DOUBLE a new variety from 4turf@ is a new generation of tetraploid perennial ryegrass varieties, developed to be quick establishing, strong, deep-rooting and tolerant to

DOUBLE 4turf@ is better able to withstand a range of stressful conditions, such as drought, cold, disease, and wear. When combined with diploid perennial ryegrass a perfect overseeding mix is obtained. In mixtures with tall fescue the larger leaves of DOUBLE compared to diploids leads to a more homogeneous aspect. Tetraploids have long been known to show better stress and disease tolerance compared to diploids. Now these advantages are also available in a turf grass variety: DOUBLE. In dry conditions

DOUBLE outperforms diploids.

DOUBLE is one of the varieties in our 4TURF brand. Rapid establishment Increased drought tolerance and recovery Superior cold performance and excellent disease resistance. Good wear tolerance. Darker green colour. Good performance in low input situations. Long lasting Excellent mixture partner. 4turf@ has a better germination at 4 C compared to diploid. This is also a big advantage when overseeding.

DOUBLE 4turf@ larger seeds contain more energy reserves for a stronger faster establishment and healthy plant development. When the weather cools down

DOUBLE 4turf@ doesn't. DOUBLE 4turf@ continues to germinate.
Suitable For:
>Sports Fields
>Football Goal Mouths
>High wear areas
in mixes use at 25-35% by weight
When sowing by itself 35 - 45gm Per square metre. 350 - 450kg Per Hectare
Product Sizes:
25kg Bag