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General Features:
Increased resistance to Poa annua.
Uniform turf with high putting quality.
Reduced inputs from fertiliser to pesticides.
Superior growth regulator performance.

Superior turf quality Highly competitive against Poa annua.
Excellent winter colour with no purpling.
Improved Dollar Spot, Brown Patch, resistance.
Fine leaved texture, dark green colour.
High turf density for better putting quality.
Vigorous, uniform, moderately dense growth.
Faster recovery from pitch marks.
Great performance at all mowing heights.

777 (Triple Seven) Creeping Bentgrass. (1HC and DLFPSAP/3054 (Agrostis stolonifera) is the product of twenty years of research and development This variety has shown superior performance under stress and with wear.
777 produces a turf with attractive green colour, no purpling in cool weather, great heat resistance in summer and high disease resistance. 777 creeping bentgrass blends well with other leading bentgrass varieties. This variety is well adapted to all environments where creeping bentgrass can be grown. It can be planted straight or in blends for superior greens and tees.

Recommended use for 777 creeping bentgrass is seeding golf course putting greens and tees on new construction or renovations. It can also be used for improving the performance of older, poor quality greens that need updating. It can be inter-seeded into Poa annua greens to
reduce your inputs while maintaining the high density and excellent putting quality. It will tolerate the lower cutting heights utilized on many courses while maintaining high density and wear tolerance.
Use on fairways will require low mowing heights and reduced fertility for superior performance. 777 can be combined with other improved creeping bentgrass varieties.
Suitable For:
> Golf Greens
> Golf Tees
> Golf Fairways
> Sod production
> Over seeding
5 – 7.5gm Per square meter.
50 - 75kg Per Hectare

ESTABLISHMENT (under ideal conditions)
Germination : 3 to 5 days
First Mowing : 21 days after emergence
First Limited use: 6 to 8 weeks