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General Features:
Superior Gray Leaf Spot, Crown Rust and Red Thread resistance results in less fungicide use.
Excellent wear tolerance and improved recovery from injury.
Improved Summer stress tolerance and Winter active growth.
High seedling vigour for fast emergence and establishment.
High resistance to Billbugs and other insects due to high endophyte levels.

Ideal for use on golf course fairways and tees, sports turf fields, home lawns and use as a Winter over seed.
Superior Gray Leaf Spot resistance.
Excellent wear tolerance due to spreading growth habit.
Fine leaf texture and vivid.
Dark green colour.
SR 4600 is a new perennial ryegrass that is the result of years of cooperative research between Rutgers University and Seed Research of Oregon.
SR 4600 traces its origins back to 33 clones selected at Rutgers University for improved Gray Leaf Spot resistance,very high turf quality, improved color, summer stress tolerance, and a spreading growth habit. Progeny of those clones were sent to Seed Research of Oregon’s
research facility where further screening was completed for higher seed yield, colour, and improved stress and disease resistance in the production environment.
SR 4600 has a demonstrated an improved Winter active growth profile which provides a marked advancement over other varieties.
SR 4600’s dark green color and high stress tolerances makes it ideal for a variety of professional turf applications. It blends well with other perennial rye grasses for golf course fairways, sports fields, sod production and home lawns. It also mixes well with Kentucky bluegrass
and fine fescues. When blended with other perennial rye grasses or mixed with Poa trivialis or fine fescue
SR 4600 makes an ideal Winter over seed on permanent couch turf.
Suitable For:
> Sports Fields
> Cricket Block
> Golf Fairways
> Lawns
> Landscaping
> Overseeding
30 - 45gm Per square meter.
300 - 450kg Per Hectare

ESTABLISHMENT (under ideal conditions)
Germination : 3 to 7 days
First Mowing : 14 days after emergence
First Limited use: 3 weeks