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General Features:
Premium Black Line Marking Paint. In a great new 10L square bucket for easy pouring. New Improved Formula. Enhanced Brightness. Superior Durability and Rain Fastness. Environmentally Friendly. ISO9001 Certified.
FountainLine has developed a new range of premium line marking liquids specially designed to meet the requirements of all those involved in sports field preparation. The Ultra range of liquids have been specially formulated to give the brightest and longest lasting lines at a very economical price, due to the long storage life a full seasons requirements can be purchased, taking advantage of the quantity buy prices and further reducing the freight cost, not to mention the added convenience. The Ultra liquids are offered in the NEW 10L 'ULTRACUBE' Space Saver. These highly concentrated liquids allow for much higher dilution rates of up to 1 part liquid to 8 parts water, making this one of the most economical line marking compounds available.
Other colours available in 10L Buckets: Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Ultra White & Xtreme White.
Suitable For:
•Sports Fields
Product Sizes:
10L Pails
100L Drums
1000L Pods.