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General Features:
Vital Bon-Matt HR is a heavy duty and robust polymer emulsion for erosion and dust control. Vital Bon-Matt HR has been designed for high volume road applications such as civil, construction, mining and regional council roads where strong and durable conditions are required as well as for areas of high velocity concentrated flow.

Vital Bon-Matt HR is a concentrated liquid emulsion which is diluted with water prior to application to create long-term durable binding, stabilisation and surface sealing. An environmentally sound formulation for efficient sediment controls and dust stabilisation where challenging conditions can easily be resolved
Highly efficient dust control.
Long term cost savings.
Improved visibility and safety.
Reduced water cart usage.
Cures in hours and will not mobilise.
Increased surface longevity.
Certified as non hazardous.
Durable long lasting stabilisation.
Suitable For:
Curing in hours and not remobilising into the surrounding environments Vital Bon-Matt HR offers non-hazardous and durable long lasting stabilisation for:

> Haul roads
> Civil construction sites
> Unsealed roads
> Traffic areas
> Drains
> Areas of high velocity concentrated flow
> Long-term sealing

Vital Bon-Matt HR is suitable for use on all traffic areas and areas of harsh environmental conditions and high velocity and concentrated flows.
1L of product per 10L of water(10%) ................. 1L of mix per Square Meter
100L of product per 1000L of water(10%).......... per 1000 sq meters
Product Sizes:
20L Bottle and 1000L Pod