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General Features:
Ideal for environmentally sensitive sites.
Improved drought tolerance.
Great for shaded areas.
Slow grow growing for low maintenance areas.
High resistance to diseases such as: dollar spot, red thread, summer patch, and leaf rust.
Excellent sun and shade performance.
Endophyte enhanced.

Low growth habit which means reduced mowing frequency.
Dense, fine and attractive turf with dark green colour.
Excellent heat and drought tolerance.
Excellent shed tolerance.
Endophyte enhanced to improve insect resistance.
Superior turf performance under adverse conditions.
Requires minimum fertilisation.

SR 3150 hard fescue is a significant advancement in hard fescues enabling this low maintenance species to be used from golf course fairways to unmown road sides. Traditionally hard fescues were used on shade sites of home lawns or golf course roughs but the advances in SR 3150 enable this superior product to be used from sun to shade and high to low maintenance sites. The high endophyte levels enable this variety to resist surface insects and helps provide protection against diseases such as Dollar Spot. Improved heat
and summer stress resistance further expands the uses for SR 3150. SR 3150 also has a dwarf growth form, dark green colour and improved winter growth.

Low Maintenance: SR 3150 hard fescue is a versatile grass that will help reduce maintenance costs whether planted in a monostand or a mixture. Its dwarfer growth habit reduces the number and frequency of mowing and reduces clipping yields. In low maintenance areas it forms an attractive, dark green, dense turf requiring minimal water and fertilization in both sun and shade.

Endophyte-Enhanced: SR 3150 contains high levels of viable endophyte which has been shown to provide resistance to a number of turf insects including billbugs, sod webworms, and armyworms. In addition, SR 3150 has shown high levels of resistance to many turfgrass diseases including Red Thread, Summer Patch, Dollar Spot, Leaf Spot and Powdery Mildew. SR 3150 is ideally suited for environmentally sensitive sites where chemical applications are limited or not desired.
Leaf texture.................Fine
Disease resistance.....Good to excellent
Growth habit...............Bunchgrass
Establishment rate.......Slow to Moderate
Nitrogen use................Low to very Low
Water use (ET rate).....Low
Drought tolerance........Excellent
Salinity tolerance.........Low to Moderate
Shade tolerance..........Excellent
Heat tolerance.............Good to Excellent
Suitable For:
•Bunker faces
25 - 35gm Per square metre.
250 - 350kg Per Hectare

ESTABLISHMENT (under ideal conditions)
Germination : 5 to10 days
First Mowing : 2-3 weeks after emergence
First Limited use: 4-6 weeks first Limited use: 3 weeks