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General Features:
Aqueduct is a curative surfactant formulation designed specifically to provide rapid recovery from existing water management problems such as localized dry spot.

Aqueduct can also be used as a pre-treatment tool to correct problem areas before starting a regular preventative program. It moves water deeply into problem areas, reducing water repellency and restoring the root-zone’s ability to regain optimum moisture levels.
Aqueduct quickly reduces turf wilt and promotes recovery of stressed turf.

> Designed specifically as a curative, particularly for dry and wet spots
> Reduces water repellency quickly for fast turf recovery
> Improves the distribution and retention of water in the soil profile
> Improves the overall root-zone environment
> Won’t burn turf
Weight / Litre: 1.24 kg
Suitable For:
> Golf Greens
> Fairways
> Sports Fields
> Landscaping
> Tees
> Maintenance
Application frequency: As required
Product Sizes:
10L Pail
100L Drum
210L Drum
1022L Pod