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General Features:
Adaptable to both sun and shade.
High recuperative ability.
Excellent in blends with other Fescues, Browntop and Perennial Ryegrass.
Good winter and spring colour.
High performance under low maintenance.

Best suited for use on home lawns, commercial turf, golf course roughs, fairways, tees and greens and combined with ryegrass for over seeding.
Dense, fine and attractive turf.
Superior winter hardiness.
Very high wear tolerance and recovery at all mowing heights.
High levels of Endophyte.
Improved summer performance.
High Dollar Spot resistance.
RUDDY Strong Creeping Red Fescue (PSG 5M) (Festucarubra ssp) is a new generation of red fescue developed for exceptional wear tolerance at all mowing heights.
RUDDY is suitable for home lawns, fairways, roughs, landscaping and parks.
RUDDY demonstrates high turf quality under all maintenance conditions and a broad range of climates.
With excellent shade tolerance RUDDY can be used from full sun to deep shade, and in low maintenance or high maintenance sites.
It has superior winter hardiness and stress tolerance for performance across New Zealand.
RUDDY demonstrates high resistance to Dollar Spot, Red Thread and Leaf Spot.
It has high levels of endophyte for resistance to surface feeding insects and improved stress tolerance.
RUDDY is excellent for blending with other fine fescues and perennial ryegrass.
Suitable For:
RUDDY is ideal for parks, schools, home lawns, golf course roughs and fairways, whether planted alone or in blends and mixtures. RUDDY performs well in sun or shade and will tolerate a wide range of soil conditions. It adds early spring green up and winter colour to all blends. It performs well in high heat and reduced maintenance conditions. RUDDY is an excellent choice for landscapers who can use it in sun or shade.
RUDDY naturally shows less weed invasion than most other strong creeping varieties.

>Greens mixes
20 - 30gm Per square metre.
200 - 300kg Per Hectare

ESTABLISHMENT (under ideal conditions)
Germination: 6 to 9 days
First Mowing: 2 weeks after emergence
First Limited use: 3-5 weeks