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General Features:
Reduced fungicide use.
Versatile for use on greens, tees and fairways.
Improved Brown Patch resistance.
High performance all year round.
Reduced maintenance costs

Superior turf quality
Highly competitive against Poa annua.
Excellent winter colour with no purpling.
Enhanced Dollar spot resistance .
Bright, dark green colour.
Vigorous, uniform, moderately dense growth.
Heat tolerance

007 Creeping Bentgrass is an advanced generation creeping bentgrass variety developed by the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (Rutgers University) working in cooperation with Richard Hurley, Ph.D.
007 Creeping Bentgrass has a broad genetic base developed using twenty four parent plants, including plants identified from the varieties L-93 and Southshore. Additional clones were collected from older greens on high stress golf courses in the north-east USA. This new, improved variety is well adapted to any areas where creeping bentgrass is being utilized for golf course greens, tees and fairways.

Recommended uses for 007 Creeping Bentgrass include seeding or sodding golf course putting greens, tees, and fairways on new and renovated, as well as in over seeding conversions on greens planted to older, poor performing varieties that need to be updated.
This new creeping bentgrass variety adapts well for low mowing on greens, as well as for reduced fungicide management on fairways and tees. Hurley says, “If you liked the performance of our L-93 variety, the new 007 Creeping Bentgrass is even better.”
Enhanced Dollar Spot resistance and superior turf quality make this variety the perfect choice for all levels of golf course projects, especially those located in stressful environments.
All individual parental clones of creeping bentgrass used in the development of 007 were selected for improved Dollar Spot resistance, bright dark green leaf colour, excellent winter colour with no purpling and a vigorous, uniform, moderately dense growth habit.
Leaf texture.................Fine
Disease resistance......Moderate to Good
Growth habit................Stolons
Establishment rate........Moderate to Fast
Nitrogen use.................Low to Moderate
Water use (ET rate).....High
Drought tolerance........Poor to Good
Salinity tolerance.........High
Shade tolerance..........Moderate to Poor
Heat tolerance.............Moderate
Suitable For:
> Golf Greens
> Golf Tees
> Golf Fairways
> Sod production
> Over seeding
5– 7.5gm Per square metre.
50 - 75kg Per Hectare

ESTABLISHMENT (under ideal conditions)
Germination : 3 to 5 days
First Mowing : 21 days after emergence
First Limited use: 6 to 8 weeks
Product Sizes:
25kg bag