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CC MD GREENS STD sgn80 16-0-6.7 18.14KG

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General Features:
Country Club MD 16-0-6.7 the premier homogeneous, greens-grade fertiliser, utilizes Ammonium Sulphate high-activity nitrogen that delivers excellent colour response and maximum plant response.

Utilizes a unique, highly dispersing homogeneous granule technology
Contains the stress-buffering biostimulants sea plant kelp meal and humic acid.
Featuring Ammonium Sulphate Nitrogen.
No Mower Pickup
Low application rates due to micro granule
SGN 80 particle size is ideal for putting greens.
Release Type: Standard
N: 16
P: 0
K: 6.7
S: 20
I: 1
Humic Acid:1

Granule size: SGN80
Suitable For:
Suitable for
• Golf Greens
• Bowling Greens
• Tees
• Mowed Fairways
• Cricket Wickets
• Maintenance
Grams per m2 Kg per Hectare Actual N per Hectare Hectares per 1 tonne m2 coverage per Bag Product per 1 Hectare
10 100 16kg 10 1814 5.5 bags
15 150 24kg 6.7 1209 8.2 bags
20 200 32kg 5 907 11 bags
Product Sizes:
Pack size: 18.14kg