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MESA PROSCAPE 51% 25-0-4.2 22.68KG

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General Features:
MESA ProScape 25-0-4.2 + 1% fe SRN MU/S.O.A

ProScape 25-0.8-4 with 51% MESA is a popular analysis for both warm and cool season turf. MESA is an innovative new nitrogen source that combines the benefits of methylene urea with ammonium sulphate in a single granule. Meth-EX brand methylene urea complex relies on microbial activity to provide consistent extended feeding. Our exclusive process also utilizes methylene urea to slow down the release of ammonium sulphate for longer feeding. In addition, ammonium sulphate supplies plant available sulphur. The sulphur, iron, and nitrogen combine to maximize colour. The result is a fertiliser that gives turf a brilliant rich green colour, fast response, and extended feeding.
Release Type: Slow N
N:......... 25
P:.......... 0
K:........ 4.2
S:........ 5.1
Fe:........ 1
Suitable For:
•Sports Fields
Duration: 8-10 weeks
Product Sizes:
Pack size: 22.68kg

Granule size: SGN 210