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LEBPRO 40 PCU 24-0-4 22.7kg

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General Features:
Lebanon PRO - PCU 24-0-4.1+ 2%Fe 40% Polymer Coated Urea.

Controlled release nitrogen combined with upfront nitrogen and iron combine forfast green up and exceptional dark green colourfor 8+ weeks.
A longer more consistent release period than SCU products means turf is supplied a consistent amount of Nitrogen over a longer period. Muriate of Potash stimulates the growth of strong cells and provides disease resistance by promoting thickness of the outer cell walls.
40% Polymer Coated Urea
Release Type: Slow N
N:......... 24
P:.......... 0
K:........ 4.1
Fe:........ 2
Suitable For:
•Sports Fields
Duration: 8-10 weeks
Product Sizes:
Pack size: 22.68kg

Granule size: SGN 210