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COUNTRY CLUB 24-0-10 22.68KG

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General Features:
Country Club Meth-Ex 24-0-10 77% SRN MU + 100% SRK

Now you can apply potassium which will last as long as the slow release nitrogen and provide a much more efficient delivery of this extremely beneficial nutrient. High activity methylene urea from Meth-Ex 40, plus MESA a patented technology that combines sulphate of ammonia with methylene urea in a single granule.

Slow release properties are not lost if granule crushed, broken or cracked.
23% upfront N for quick response and recovery from renovation.
77% slow release nitrogen for sustained growth.
Plus 100% slow release potassium from EXPO

A premium, mid-size blended fertiliser that contains 100%Expo extended potassium sulphate. 60% of the nitrogen is derived from MESA which provides the deep green initial response of sulphate of ammonia and the long term response of methylene urea in a homogeneous granule and 40% from Meth-Ex 40 controlled-release nitrogen high activity methylene urea complex.
Release Type: Slow N & K
N:............ 24
P:.............. 0
K:........... 10.0
S:............. 7.2
Suitable For:
> Golf Greens
> Tees
> Low Cut Turf
> Landscaping
> Bowling Greens
> Maintenance
> Renovations
Duration: 8-12 weeks
Product Sizes:
Pack size: 22.68kg

Granule Size: SGN 145