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Lebanon Turf Products is the professional division of Lebanon Seaboard Corporation. With over 50 years of experience, Lebanon Turf Products continues to bring cutting edge products to the market. MESA™ is a new cost-effective alternative to under-performing SCU nitrogen. Our latest innovation in nutrition is Expo™, which is a cost-effective source of controlled-release potassium sulfate which extends the benefits of potash. Our turfgrass-breeding program has produced many NTEP top rated seed varieties.                    

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Seeing the possibility of using selected surfactants to improve water penetration into soil, thereby reducing the unnecessary waste of water, Bob Moore developed the first wetting agent technology which was patented worldwide. The product first commercialized by Moore and Aquatrols was AquaGro, the original soil wetting agent used in turf maintenance and soilless horticultural substrates. Aquatrols became and remains today, the industry leader and innovator in these specialty areas.

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As the saying goes, "good quality in, good quality out." That's why Growth Products uses only the highest quality (technical) materials, so that you're always guaranteed of products that provide superior results. If you've ever experienced problems like plant burn, leaching, or excessively rapid growth, you know that all products are not equal. For instance, fertilizer and micronutrient products with compounds like Chlorine (some examples include "Iron Sulfate" and "Potassium Chloride" a.k.a. "Muriate of Potash") or Sodium ("Sodium Nitrate") also contain very high percentages of chlorides and salts. Over time, salt and chlorine will build up in the soil. This can lead to toxicity and a slew of other growing problems.

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ICL is dedicated to the turf industry and our extensive research allows us to translate global knowledge into your local needs.The turf industry plays an intrinsic role in our product development and improvement.By being involved and listening to industry input we aim to develop precisely the right products and services to achieve your goals.

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Seed Research of Oregon was founded in 1983 with the understanding that the professional turf market, especially golf courses, badly needed improved and unique grass seed varieties. Now several decades later, Seed Research of Oregon continues to be a top innovator in the grass seed industry.

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DLF Seeds is a relatively new seed company in New Zealand, recently established in 2004. It is owned by DLF, a Danish farmer’s cooperative which began in 1906 and is the world’s largest seed company involved in the breeding, production and sale of temperate grass and clover species, and fodder beet.

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Since our beginnings in 1996, Landmark Turf & Native Seed has been serving customers with unmatched service, information, products and support. We are career seed professionals with over four decades of experience in seed, agriculture and the green industry. Landmark Turf & Native Seed is driven to bring high-quality, value-added seed products to our customers that reduce maintenance and, therefore, save time and money. Our business-to-business perspective drives us to learn and understand the agronomics and the economics of seed in your business. It is our passion to deliver service and products you can trust.

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   SST New Zealand

SST New Zealand is a significant supplier of adjuvants and spray additives to the agricultural and turf industries in New Zealand.

Our products are designed for optimum performance under unique local conditions.
Servicing these markets for 20 years, SST manufacture and market more than 70 products.

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We’ve been helping to solve industrial challenges by providing safe chemical solutions since 1977. Our range of services include dust suppression, erosion control, concrete cleaning and more.

There are a range of industries we can help such as resources, civil, construction, concrete and transport. We aim to provide our clients with their exact requirements, on time and for a reasonable cost. Furthermore, all of our solutions are safe, sustainable and tailor-made. Our goal is to lead the industry at the forefront of chemical formulating.

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FountainLine is an integrated manufacturer of Line Marking machines and supplier of top quality line marking paints that cater for a variety of budgets and uses.

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LSC Environment Products

LSC is a global manufacturer of premier products and equipment designed to address the persistent environmental challenges of erosion, odor, land reclamation, waste cover, seeding, and dust.  Over 25 years ago, LSC pioneered the use of spray-applied alternate daily cover and solar-powered vent flares in the solid waste industry. Since then, we have applied our unparalleled expertise in spray-applied environmental coatings to a variety of new products, industries, and markets. LSC’s line of products have been used extensively in high-profile environmental sites.

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Grosafe Chemicals

Was established in 1995 to add value to the businesses of kiwifruit and avocado growers. Grosafe has evolved since that time to service all crops in the horticultural industry Nationwide. Grosafe is a direct to farm and end user company meaning we have two central warehouses and service our customers directly with on farm delivery without the expense of traditional farm merchant margins.                                                              Visit Website


Acquisition of Phoenix Paper by LSC Environmental products (“LSC Environmental”) in December of 2019.



Solo NZ Ltd is a subsidiary of SOLO® Kleinmotoren GmbH Sindelfingen, Stuttgart, Germany and has been bringing quality garden equipment to Kiwis for over 58 years!

Our cornerstone Solo brand has a long history of innovation and development and the highest reputation for quality outdoor equipment globally.

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