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Our Products

At Prebbles Turf World we pride ourselves on being able to offer great products at really great prices.

Couple this with our great promotions and it really does prove

Smart People                Smart Products,                 Smart Solutions.

  • Growth Products Liquid Fertilisers and Soil Inoculants are unrivalled in quality and performance.
  • The Lebanon Seaboard Slow Release Fertiliser Range, Prebble Seeds have, is not only more extensive than any other offered in New Zealand, the innovation such as Mesa and Expo are streets ahead of their nearest rivals.
  • ICL Fertilisers and grass seeds have a huge reputation and deservedly so.
  • The Seed Research Grass Seed Range offered has been instrumental in Prebble Seeds being chosen as sole supplier to most of the new developments in the Golf and Sports Market.
  • The Aquatrols Soil Wetting Agents cover all the options in this important area with world first products like Revolution.
  • Prebble Seeds have also led the industry with their purpose built Granulation plant for granulating Gypsum, Lime and Dolomite.
  • The FountainLine range of Line Marking Paint and Line Marking machines round off the range nicely.