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Prebble Seeds, who are 100% NZ owned and operated, have been operating for over 50 years, while the turf division of Prebble Seeds has been operating for over 30 years, with a dedicated team of experienced territory managers combining a vast amount of experience. In this time Prebble Seeds have gained a reputation for supplying products that are recognised as using innovative and world leading technologies.

Growth Products has been a leader in liquid nutrient and biological technologies for 30 years. They continue to address global challenges, meeting the changing and complex needs of the green industry with dedication to superior formulations and sustainability.

Lebanon Turf’s advanced fertilisers have been helping superintendents and turf professionals produce healthy turf conditions for more than 40 years. Lebanon Turf continues to explore and develop the industry’s most advanced turf management technologies to deliver the ultimate in efficient, cost effective lawn care operations.

Aquatrols delivers innovative products, methods, and services that produce consistently excellent results for golf courses worldwide. Their scientifically proven products help you better maintain turf and maximise irrigation efforts, all while conserving water and energy.

Seed Research of Oregon is meeting the toughest demands of our customers – the golf course superintendents, architects and builders, sports field managers to whom our ideas make a difference every day. Seed Research of Oregon is recognized as the company that listens to its customers to come up with the bestsolutions to the most difficult challenges.

ICL Fertilizers, one of the world’s largest fertilizer companies, provides users with a wide range of highperformance solutions. As the world leader in Fertilizer manufacturing, ICL has a vast range of solutions to deliver reliable and exemplary results.

FountainLine is an integrated manufacturer of grass Line Marking machines and grass Line Marking Paints that cater for a variety of budgets and users, from professional stadiums to small sporting clubs.

Vital Chemical offers dust suppression and erosion control solutions in our range of products and services for all civil providing efficient and cost-effective results. These products deliver an innovative approach to environment, construction and resource projects. Vital Chemical’s Vital Bon-Matt series is a new generation of dust and erosion control measures ally sound dust management and soil stabilisation solutions.

Prebble Seeds are involved in the supply and support of products to nearly every golf course, bowling club, council, school and landscaper in New Zealand. The product range and in-house expertise that Prebble Seeds can offer, coupled with overseas technical knowledge and back up, make us the logical choice for all supply situations.