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"Since using Revolution, I have noticed better water penetration into the greens. There has been less hand watering done in one of our least favourable seasons. I can definitely run the greens dryer. "

- Barry Neville, Superintendent, Alexandra Golf Club

"I have been using Revolution for 3 years now and have noticed the greens are less stressed during summer, have used less fertiliser to main a healthy sward and have had less disease problems during the year. Revolution is great tool for Greenkeepers to maintain turf during stress times of the year. "

- Gary Worsley, Turfworks Contracting, Avondale Golf Club

"I have been using Proscape Mesa on my tees for about 5 years. I found Mesa to provide controlled growth without a bulk flush. The turf colour is a rich green and the divot recovery is excellent. The product provides nutrition for about 10 weeks and I have now adopted Mesa to feed my par3 fairways as well. I apply 12 bags of Proscape Mesa to both my tees & par 3 fairways, three times through the growing season to areas where the clip is removed. This provides the annual nutritional requirements while keeping the turf looking great and has proven to be cost effective option. "

- Iain Findlater, Head Green Keeper, Windsor Golf Club

"We chose SR4600 for the re-sow of Trafalgar Park due to its colour, uniformity, fast germination and density. We are so pleased with the results. "

- Peter Gray, Turf Manager Nelmac Ltd, Nelson

"There is no doubt that at the Arrowtown Golf Club we have some of the more unique golfing terrain in the country, that coupled with extreme temperature variations ranging from 10 below zero in the depths of winter to highs in the mid thirties during mid summer with very low rainfall add to this unique environment. There is no doubt that the use of products such as Revolution on our greens, 50/90 on our tees and surrounds and the addition of Aqueduct to treat hot spots (isolated dry patch) using the Pro Applicator has made our job easier, less stress on the course means less stress for the green keepers and that’s all good by me. "

- Rick Machray, Course Superintendent, Arrowtown Golf

"I put 220kg of Mesa on my greens straight after renovation on the 3rd December and I didn’t have to fertilise the greens again until 14th March. I was very surprised with the longevity of this application. "

- Ryan Irwin, Golf Course Superintendent, Queenstown Golf Club

"We are maintaining our Red fescue and Chewing fescue (SR5210/SR5130) fairways with a regular maintenance program which is fast approaching its 5th season. Over this period of time I have personally been very impressed with the fescues performance. Not only does it give an awesome look and feel to the playing surface, it also lets us maintain the turf with very little inputs such as fertiliser and irrigation. The fescues have held up well to all the traffic we have had, for the last couple of seasons. We often get very good comments on the playing quality of our fairways and approaches. "

- Simon Forshaw, Golf Course Superintendent, Jacks Point Golf Course

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