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Phoenix Paper Products


Ez Bond Maximum

Contains Hydro-colloid Tackifier and Cross. Linking Chemistry. 100% Biodegradable. Lasts Up to 18 Months.

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Ez Mulch AF

Superior Performance in All Seeding Applications. Fast Water Uptake. Holds 40% More Water than Other Pellet Mulches.

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Ez Mulch with Tack

Enhances Germination Rates. Improves Seed to Soil Contact. Reduces Evaporation and Runoff. Contains Tackifier.

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Ez Wood

70% Recycled Hardwood, 30% Paper, without Tackifier. Superior Wettability and Pumpability

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Guar Tackifier

100% organic tackifier. Low use rates. Water binding anfd thickening. Increases mulch holding power.

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