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Ammos 22-0-0 40% SRN Smart Nitrogen

Ammos combines the benefits of slow release nitrogen with cost effective economics of Ammonium Sulphate-Smart Nitrogen. It provides quick absorbtion by the plant resulting in greener turf even at low soil temperatures.

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Companion: Microbial Inoculate

Companion is a concentrated source of beneficial soil micro-organism spores : Bacillus subtillus GBO3. Companion quickly colonizes soils with soil Bacillus which provides the proper ecological balance, to help suppress pathogen attack.

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Essential Plus: 100% Natural Organic Solution

100% naturally organic solution suitable for both conventional and organic agronomic practices. Humic acid and organic matter helps rejuvenate soil structure. Kelp and natural rooting hormones to stimulate root and plant growth.

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Green Speed: 0-0.9-4 + 7% Silica + Phosphite

Silica hardens the leaf and helps strengthen zylem vessels during times of high transpiration, thus reducing water loss. The Potassium phosphite helps promote plant health, increased disease tolerance as well as building carbohydrate reserves.

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Liquid Phosphate: 0-13-0

A high analysis, true liquid and concentrated solution made from the highest quality raw material. There is no lag time or delay needed for product breakdown. Liquid Phosphate is safe to use during the entire growing season.

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Liquid Potassium: 0-0-20

A concentrated potassium fertiliser solution made from only the highest quality technical grade potassium carbonate. Liquid Potassium provides you with 100% soluble Potassium for immediate plant and turf uptake through both foliar and root feeding.

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Manganese Chelate 5% with 2% sulphur

Manganese Chelate 5% is an organic chelate, which keeps the manganese in a soluble form for plant uptake. It is ideal to correct manganese deficiencies which will often occur in water logged soils and low temperatures. Due to its negative charge

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Pro Balance: 15-1-12 50% SRN MU

A high analysis, true liquid product with 50% controlled release nitrogen, in equal ratio with high grade, soluble, readily available potassium for optimum plant uptake.

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TKO Phosphite: 0-13-21 100% Phosphite

High P and K which makes TKO Phosphite a great tool for both winter recovery and summer feeding. Although not a fungicide, phosphite is known for its fungicidal properties making it great for mixing with contact ungicides. Highly soluble, clear solution for easy and safely tank mixing and application.

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