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We are very fortunate to be able to offer the Seed Research line of Grass Seeds from the New Zealand grown SR4600 Turf Rye Grass to a full range of Fescues that have been used on courses such as Cape Kidnappers and Jacks Point.

Couple this with some the best "New Zealand" suited bentgrasses like the new 007 and the SR1119 and you have a seed range that will suit all requirements.


007 Creeping Bentgrass

An advanced generation creeping bentgrass variety developed to adapt to any areas where creeping bentgrass is being utilised for golf course greens, tees and fairway.

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Benchmark Turf Ryegrass

Use Benchmark Perennial Ryegrass in blends with other high performance perennial rye grasses and mixtures with other cool season species on golf course fairways, tees, and roughs, sports turf, lawn and landscape applications

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SR1119: Creeping Bentgrass

This is an exciting variety: a result of nine years of extensive testing and evaluation. The long term performance of your greens and fairways is important to us, and we believe any breeding program should include these long term trials.

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SR3150: Hard Fescue

Selected for a dwarf habit and darker green colour SR3150 is a premium grass for both low maintenance sites and as part of a high quality lawn mix. In addition, SR 3150 contains very high levels of viable endophyte.

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SR4600: Turf Ryegrass

A new perennial ryegrass that is the result of years of cooperative research between Rutgers University and Seed Research of Oregon.

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SR5130: Chewings Fescue

SR5130 in turf trials at major universities has proven itself a winner.SR5130 has exhibited very good adaptability to a variety of turf situations. From home lawns to golf course greens and fairways, from sun to shade.

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SR5250: Creeping Red Fescue

A strong Creeping Red Fescue, the product of a ten year study to improve Dollar Spot and Red Thread resistance while incorporating unique endophytes, is a highly adaptable variety because it thrives in both sun and shade.

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SR8650: Turf Type Tall Fescue

Turf-type tall fescue was developed for high turf quality with high levels of rhizome expression in dense turf situations. The plants used in development were selected after high summer stress based on performance and appearance.

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