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Essential Plus is a 100% Natural Organic product derived from all natural plant, vegetative and animal products that provide a rich source of organic matter. Essential contains 45 different plant nutrients, including Proteins, Enzymes, Amino Acids, Carbohydrates, Sugars, Minerals, Cellulose fibre, Kelp Extracts and nutrients usable by plants.

Essential is a compliment to any standard liquid or granular fertiliser program and can be applied throughout the entire growing season to all plant materials.

Essential will enhance your standard program by improving plant and soil efficiency, holding nutrients in place in an available form for uptake and providing a food source for living organisms

100% naturally organic solution suitable for both conventional and organic agronomic practices.
Humic acid and organic matter helps rejuvenate soil structure.
Kelp and natural rooting hormones to stimulate root and plant growth.
21 natural L-Amino acids for balanced plant feeding.
Provides food source for soil microbes, thus encourage microbial activity in the soil profile

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Release Type: Standard
N: 1
P: 0
K: 1

Pack size: 10L
Weight per Litre: 1.07kg