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Companion: Microbial Inoculate

Companion is a concentrated source of beneficial soil micro-organism spores : Bacillus subtillus GBO3. Companion quickly colonizes soils with soil Bacillus which provides the proper ecological balance, to help suppress pathogen attack.

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Country Club Meth-Ex 25-0-12.5 50% SRN MU + 100% SRK

A premium, blended fertiliser which features 100% Expo controlled-release potassium. Now you can apply potassium which will last as long as the slow-release nitrogen and provide a much more efficient delivery of this extremely beneficial nutrient.

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EzySpread Dolomite: Water Dispersable Granule

EzySpread products™ unique granulation process allows clean,dust-free applications.The products are granulated for convenient handling,blending and spreading with no dust. EzySpreadDol restores levels of calcium and magnesium for better soil balance. Calcium helps strengthen Plant cell walls, promote root

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EzySpread Gypsum: Water Dispersable Granule

The unique water dispersible granule quickly disperses after rain or irrigation leaving no residues The calcium component of gypsum encourages the soil clay particles to flocculate (group together) thereby improving soil structure.

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EzySpread Lime: Water Dispersable Granule

EzySpread products™ unique granulation process allows clean, dust-free applications. Use when your soil magnesium levels are adequate or high. Regulates the availability of nutrients in the soil.

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Woodace Balanced 14-6-11.6 3-4 month SRN

Woodace® Balanced 14-6.0-11.6 is a premium homogeneous fertiliser for maintaining ornamental landscape plants. Designed for top-dress and incorporation in planting medium. Formulated for increased vigor and exceptional foliage. Ideal for Ornamental landscaping plants such as foundation planting, trees, roses shrubs.

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