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50/90 : 90 day guarantee against water repellancy problems

Fifty90 gives you guaranteed safe protection against water repellency problems for ninety days. University testing shows that it outperforms the competition in providing more consistent anagement of water repellency problems, and will not “break” under climatic stress or drought conditions like traditional long-term products. Fifty90 is proven to remain effective in the soil for up to three months, reducing water repellency (the cause of localized dry spots) and promoting turf uniformity.
Fifty90 gives you safety and performance that you can rely on season after season. Many competitive long-term products can damage turf or fail to perform if applied during extreme heat or rought, precisely when you need surfactant performance the most!
Fifty90 won’t burn or discolor fine or stressed turf, and will remain effective for 90 days through any type of environmental conditions. Even under high water stress, Fifty90 will allow you to maintain turf quality at or above acceptable levels.

See Downloads for full details.

  • Greens
  • Fairways
  • Tees
  • Sports Fields
  • Renovation
  • Landscaping
Duration: 90 days
Pack size: 10L, 210L
Application frequency: 3 months

Datasheet: 50/90 Datasheet: 50/90 (397 KB)

MSDS: 50/90 MSDS: 50/90 (93 KB)

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