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SR1150: Creeping Bentgrass

SR 1150 was developed to form a vigorous, moderately dense bentgrass fairway, tee or green under lower maintenance conditions. It will not form thatch as readily as higher density varieties. It demonstrates high resistance to Dollar Spot, Brown Patch and Pink Snow Mould. SR 1150 can be used alone or with other SR bentgrasses in our Dominant Blends in new construction or in overseeding to improve existing stands. It has maintained high quality in both greens and fairways under high stress conditions.

  • Greens
  • Tees
  • Fairways
  • Sod production
  • Overseeding
Leaf texture: Fine
Disease resistance: Moderate to Good
Growth habit: Stolons
Establishment rate: Moderate to Fast
Nitrogen use: Low to Moderate
Water use (ET rate): High
Drought tolerance: Poor to Good
Salinity tolerance: High
Competitiveness: Good
Shade tolerance: Moderate to Poor
Heat tolerance: Excellent

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