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Primer Select: Monthly Treatment for Water Repellency

Primer Select is a high-performance soil surfactant that is the foundation of an effective root-zone management program. It enhances turfgrass uniformity by establishing matrix flow in the root-zone, thus increasing water use efficiency in treated areas of highly managed turf. Based on the original Primer chemistry, this improved formulation allows you to adjust the application rate and frequency to more closely match your soil type and spray program needs. Primer Select is safe throughout the entire growing season for all turf species, and in all climates.

The Benefits of Matrix Flow
Untreated soils do not wet uniformly, but rather follow a path of least resistance (top). Fingered flow occurs when the wetting front becomes unstable as water infiltrates. The front breaks into “fingers” causing only a small portion of the soil mass to become wet, while the majority of the root-zone remains dry. These “fingers” act like funnels directing and accelerating the flow of water and aqueous turf production chemicals below the root-zone. This results in a lack of uniform wetting of the root-zone, improper placement of turf production chemicals, and increased potential for leaching.

Primer Select is the world’s leading surfactant!
Ensures uniform movement, distribution and availability
of water in the root-zone and overcome water
repellency in the soil
Enhances turf quality and the efficient use of water,
labour and other inputs.leaching.


  • Greens
  • Tees
  • Fairways
  • Sports Grounds
  • Maintenance
Duration: 30 days
Pack size: 10L, 208L
Application frequency: Once a month

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